DELETE procurement/orders/{purchaseOrderId}

Deletes purchase order

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Version: 1
Success HTTP Status Code: 202

Uri parameters

{purchaseOrderId} Integer Purchase order identifier

The following body must be added to the request. Mouse over fieldnames for description and other useful information about the fields. Note that fields in bold is required/mandatory.


The query string is placed after the resource URL, seperated with a questionmark (?). The query string is composed of a series of query parameters with values. See the page about query parameters on how to use these parameters.

$db String, optional Set the database to use for the request
$format String, optional Set the format of the response to use for the request. Accepted values are "xml", "json"
$lang String, optional Use to get localized responses. Supported formats are 3-letter ISO-639-1 [lll], 2-letter ISO-639-2 [ll], or a combination of a two-letter language code and a two-letter country code ISO-639-2 and ISO-3166-1 [ll_CC], [ll-CC]
$useMinimumVersion Integer, optional This can be used to test a new version of a resource when your ApiClient is running an older, deprecated, version of a resource. $useminimumversion can be used to test against a newer version of the resource. See the Deprecated APIs page for more information about this.

See the page about filters and sorting on how to use filter parameters and named filters.

See the page about filters and sorting on how to use sortable parameters

Requesting this resource will yield the following response. Mouse over fieldnames (or fieldgroups) for descriptions and other useful information about the fields. Fields colored in grey is expandable fields.

Please note that some fields may be removed from the response, based on user roles/duties/permissions.


List of available operations/actions for this resource.
See the operations documentation for more information about API operations.

Possible error codes the response might return:

Error 100101 HTTP 404 Purchase order not found.
Error 100050 HTTP 403 No admittance as customer {0}
Error 100053 HTTP 403 You have only admittance to your own suppliers
Error 100047 HTTP 404 Supplier not found
Error 101814 HTTP 404 Employee not found
Error 101304 HTTP 404 Carrier not found
Error 100018 HTTP 404 Document {0} not found
Error 100441 HTTP 400 Must be in status 1 to be updated