Tags and resources

Customers Product
Customers might have their own products which map to the company products. These products are called customers products. The "CustomersProductName" field used in several resources, including sales order, maps to these products.
Customs tariff classification
Detailed description
Detailed descriptions of the product. Unlike the description of the product, these detailed descriptions is specified in different languages.
Equivalent products
Expanded Product
Products including equivalent product names, customer product names and supplier product names. Possibility to search across all names. It is also possible to limit expanded products possible for a specific object (ex. Sales Order), including possible prices.
Manufacturers product
Notification trigger
Product Location
Product output design
Product Structure
Product supplier
Suppliers of this product with key information
Purchase prices
The product purchase prices from the different product suppliers
Related product
Related products for the product
Sales price
Shipment request automation
The customer might provide materials used in a production. In that case a purcase order of type shipment request is recommended. These shipment requests can be automated by adding the customer to request from, together with a supplier that represents the same customer.
VAT type defaults
Default values to use for this product, specified by VAT type. The default values includes general ledger account, VAT code definition and dimensions.