The sales process in RamBase is object driven, and offers several process flows for adapting a variaty of businesses.

Tags and resources

Advance invoice plan
Credit note
The recipient of a good, service or product. Sometimes known as a client, buyer or purchaser
Customer group
Functionality for grouping customers for multiple purposes
Delivery project
Gross sales forecast
Item price agreement
Offers functionality for specifying pricing agreements like discounts, surcharges and fixes price. Possible to restrict the agreement to some customers and/or some products.
The sales order object is one of the most cruical objects in the RamBase sales process. The object can be created directly, or might be a result of a sales order request or a sales quote. The sales order is issued by the company to a customer, and authorizes sale of the spcified item(s).
Order change request
Sales order change request is created to keep track of all change requests made by customers. A sales order change request is created for a specific sales order item, and can be either declined or forwarded to a new sales order item.
Order request
A sales order request is usually created directly, without any predecessor objects. The object is mostly created to keep the original customers request, before creating a (likely) changed sales order.
Price list
When specifying a sales price for a product, it might be useful to have several price lists depending on currency or which type of buyer you are selling to
Price rounding ruleset
Rulesets consists of one or more rounding rules. Each rounding rule is defined by currency and price and how to perform the rounding. The rulesets is available several places in RamBase
After a sales quote request has been issued, a sales quote might be created as a response to the customer. Note that a sales quote can also be created directly without a request. If the customer accepts the sales quote, the quote is forwarded to a sales order
Quote request
Sales quote requests is the initial object in the RamBase sales process. The customer request a quote for one or several items, which might lead to the creation of a sales quote.
Recurring invoice plan
Recurring sales quote
Sales product
Products with information relevant for sales