Deprecated APIs

Sometimes, but not often, our APIs get outdated and needs to be updated. In most cases when this happens, you don't need to worry about a thing, but some of these updates may change the input or output of the APIs and then you need to update your code as well.

How do I know which APIs that may affect my code?

If an API gets upgraded with new input or output and the old version becomes deprecated, your ApiClient will automatically continue to use the old version for a limited time so that you can have time to update your own code. To see which APIs that are currently using an old version for your ApiClient, see the Deprecated APIs.

You can choose to use the latest version at any time, having two alternatives: 1: Testing, by setting a query parameter to your request (see below on how to test) or 2: by manually forcing all your requests to use the latest version (cannot be undone, see below for more information)

If you are using any APIs that is running an old version of the API, you should update your code to match the newest version.

What do I need to do? How do I test the new version?

You need to make your code compatible with the new version of the API. See the documentation page for the API and make sure that your input and output matches with the API. To test a new API version before using them in a production environment, you can use the query parameter $useMinimumVersion when calling it. For example, instead of accessing, you can access$useMinimumVersion=6. This will cause your request to use the latest version of the API. The version number you should use for the specific API can be seen in the Deprecated APIs page. The expiration date of the APIs can be seen in the same link.

When do I have to do my changes?

To give you a chance to update your usage of the APIs, the deprecated versions and the new versions will be working simultaneously for a limited time. The standard expire time is normally 6 months. When the expire time is over for an API, the latest version of the API will be forced for your client, and the deprecated version will not be available for you to use anymore. To see the exact dates when the resources will automatically will be updated for you, see the Deprecated APIs.

How do I get rid of the old version completely?

You can at any time start using the new newest version of the API in your production environment, by disabling the deprecated APIs. This can be done by pressing “Expire now” next to the API in the Deprecated APIs. Note that this will cause all of your calls to the API to use the newest version. It is not possible to undo this step.