Validation requests

In some cases, it might be useful to check if a PUT/POST request is valid without actually executing it. Simply replace the verb from PUT/POST to VALIDATE and perform the request as usual.

Example request:

VALIDATE https://api.rambase.net/sales/customers

A good use case for this is when you do large imports. If you have list of object you plan to insert with POST requests, run through the list with VALIDATE first to reduce the chance of failing requests during the import.

Note that even if your VALIDATE requests are successful your POST request might still fail. The following is validated:

  • Your API client has access to the API resource
  • Your access token is valid
  • Any required fields are missing
  • All fieldnames exists and are valid
  • Field values are of correct datatypes
  • Field values exists as domain values
  • Field values are above minimum values
  • Field values are below maximum values
  • Field values are following regular expressions

Examples of things that are NOT validated are checks for data integrity and logical errors. A provided customer identifier might be valid in terms of datatype and minimum/maximum values, but the VALIDATE request will not fail if the customer does not exist or is not active anymore.