Current session request

A RamBase session is created after a successful login to the RamBase API. The session holds a lot of information and some of the information can be retrieved through the current session request:

GET https://api.rambase.net/system/sessions/current

The following is returned:

  • RanBase name
    The RamBase system the user is authenticated against.
  • User identifier (PID)
    The user identifier the authenticated user has in specific RamBase system.
  • Customer/supplier identifier
    The customer/supplier the user is making requests on behalf. Typically set when user is authenticated against a portal API client, like the supplier portal.
  • Database / company
    The database / company the user is using when the $db query parameter is not specified.
  • API client identifier
    The API client identifier used in the authentication.

Here is an example response:

    "session": {
        "pid": 666,
        "customerId": null,
        "supplierId": null,
        "database": "JHC-NO",
        "ramBaseName": "HATTELAND",
        "apiClientId": "xcH1zRJAg0-abcdefghijklm"